2 Chainz – Feds Watching Featuring Pharrell Williams [Official Video]

Is it me or does 2 Chainz just seem better off as a featured artist on a track rather than a solo artist? Sort of like how Akon and T-Pain were better off on hooks and making amazing tracks. The beat was pretty solid, but this track has NO chance in competing with Cole, Kanye, or even Jay. Yet, 2 Chainz somehow made a good decision in dropping his album in September, avoiding the summer heavyweights of Cole, Kanye, Jay-Z, Big Sean among others. Then again, he is going to be competing with Drake and Justin Timberlake, so it is practically pick your competition. I just hope there will be something in store for the second single to allow him to compete with Drizzy and JT.

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day


Well it has been a while since I have updated the blog and I thought to myself, what better day to bring it back than Canada Day. Being Canadian and practically celebrating every Canada Day in Canada since I can remember, I have never given a second thought to Canada Day other than its another holiday or a paid holiday till now. This is the first Canada Day that I will be celebrating overseas and its seems I have suddenly grown more patriotic over the past several months overseas compared to the two decades I have lived in Canada. To be honest, I never really felt patriotic while living in Canada because everything felt “normal” and there was no reason for me to display my Canadian flag. Yes, I cheered on my fellow Canadian representatives over the world whether it be in business or sports; however, I never felt truly apart of the country that I called home until I left.

When I left to study overseas, I didn’t feel the instant burst of Canadian flow through my veins as I landed in various countries; however, I felt bits and pieces of Canada continuing to hold on to me. Some of these items would be as simple as looking at the road and asking myself why are the cars driving on the wrong side of the road or looking for a good poutine or timbit and people not knowing what you’re talking about. Though, some of it may have been normal homesickness, I felt the bond between Canada and myself growing stronger. As time went on, this bond continued to develop in a way where I would be defending Canada in pointless arguments just to prove that Canada is the greatest place to live.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against any other place in the world, but in my opinion Canada is definitely the greatest place to live (look my “Canadian Politeness” is already showing). There are so many reasons to argue why and why not, but I’m not here to state them. I’m here to say that Canada has become a large part of who I am and I’m very proud to say that I am Canadian. So though, I won’t be enjoying Canada Day over “… In My Home and Native Land” I still will stand tall and be proud its Canada Day and I Am Canadian.




Genius Marketing and Amazing Idea


Classified – Oh Canada

Drake – The Motion Featuring Sampha


It looks like Drake wants to join the 2013 Summer Music Scene. Late Friday Night, Drake dropped 4 new tracks with The Motion being one of them. Check the 4 tracks out below. Also he has updated his release date of Nothing Was The Same. Though I wish he stepped up like J.Cole did by dropping his album alongside a powerhouse (July 4th with Jay-Z), look for the album September 17th.


Kanye West – Yeezus [Album Review]

Yeezus Album Cover Kanye West

One of the most anticipated albums of the summer has finally dropped. Like anything Mr. West does, this album was surrounded by hype, controversy and anticipation. This album, 6th solo, brings Kanye into a new level of music. With the being said, let’s dig deeper into Yeezus.

When I first heard bits and pieces of Yeezus from concerts and other performances, it was definitely shaping up to be a different sounding record. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from Kanye with this album (I pretty sure no one knew Yeezus would turn out like this). Based on the snippets heard from concerts, I thought Kanye had a hit with “So Awesome” and I personally was waiting for listen to the full track when Yeezus dropped; however, I was disappointed to find out So Awesome was left out on the album (more on this later). Though I was disappointed with the track missing, the Please Add Graffiti movement definitely drew more excitement out of me.

Watching fans of Kanye create their own album artwork for Yeezus was amazing and if you want to see some of the created pieces, just google Yeezus Please Add Graffiti (Tumblr Page). Not only did the fan artwork add excitement, the guerrilla marketing technique used by Kanye’s foundation DONDA to promote his New Slaves track was brilliant. Given that the album had no other promotion prior, the marketing technique was creative, inventive, and different relative to today’s normal music artist promoting their albums via singles and/or music videos. I wasn’t expecting any promotion for Yeezus, but the projections were great surprise (my only problem was that I was unable to see a projection live). Now lets take a look at the content of Yeezus.

As an overall album, it provides another example of why Kanye West is Kanye West. In my opinion, the tracks are different. The sound, production, and lyrics were interesting on first listen and continue to add replay value every time I listen to it (though I am a Kanye fan). However, I can understand the mixed reactions that surfaced when Yeezus got leaked. Some loved it while others could not wait to shuffle on to another artist. Considering this album doesn’t currently possess a “radio single”, its hard for the general listener to target a track on Yeezus to download and listen. Also I feel the hard “black and white” reactions came from the fact, Kanye did not provide a single prior to release, which may have helped guide the general listener into what to expect from Yeezus.

In my opinion, Yeezus brought a little bit of every album Kanye has released. For example, in Bound 2 I feel a College Dropout sound every time I listen to it (this just might be me). As for the album, currently I cannot say it is my favourite album yet (that award is a split decision between MBDTF, 808s and CD). The key word is yet. Like many listeners, I was not blown by out of the water on first listen of Yeezus; however, with more listens put in, Yeezus continues to grow on me. I think the fact people dislike the album is due to the lack of time spent actually listening to the music versus just trying to find a catchy track i.e. Stronger from the Graduation album. From Yeezus, I have several favourites such as Black Skinhead, I Am A God, New Slaves, and Bound 2, but my favourite track on the album is by far Blood On The Leaves. The beat and lyrics make this track my favourite from Yeezus.

For what the future holds for Yeezus, I can’t imagine a “radio single” being selected, which might force stations or Def Jam in selecting different tracks to promote Yeezus. The lack of promotion is understandable considering it’s not your everyday artist, its Kanye. I have some reasoning that Kanye dropped Yeezus ahead of Kim’s pregnancy to reduce the amount of media hype behind Kim’s pregnancy. With the album drop, the critics hit Yeezus and began to forget about the pregnancy. Though with an early pregnancy and rumours of names going around, the critics and media are definitely back on critiquing the power couple. To be honest, we as society have to stop being so interested in other people’s business and mind our own. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean you can go criticizing every move they make. All I have to say is congratulations to the couple.

Look for Yeezus to fade a little bit during the 2013 summer music season considering “Big Brother” Jay-Z is also dropping his next solo album on July 4th. Only thing that makes me more excited than that album is the fact since both Kanye and Jay dropped solos,  Watch The Throne 2 could be the next time we hear from both of them.


Till Next Time

Live Your Life, Love Your Life, and Let God In Your Life


American Eagle Presents “Skinny Skinny” Jeans


Really? Seriously? Is AE playing a joke on someone? Skinny Skinny jeans?

I’m sorry folks this is just bad. Fashion suicide. Who in the right mind would buy these? Its like leggings for men and jean painted leggings for women. This is probably the weirdest idea I’ve ever seen. This product just continues to confirm why I don’t shop at AE or any sort of affiliation.

Drake – 5AM In Toronto

Drake 5Am In The Morning


Drizzy Drizzy Drizzy. The Canadian boy continues to put out tracks from his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same. Just when I started to feel Started From The Bottom, Drake drops this. This album is beginning to take shape and I’m liking it. Note: Don’t know if this will make the album or could be bonus as 9am in Dallas was.

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

justin timberlake mirror


Mirrors is another track that I highly considered to be the first add for 2013, but I couldn’t look away from JT’s original comeback track Suit and Tie. Overall, this track brings reason to why Jay-Z is partnering with Timberlake to go on tour. I just don’t know how this collaborative tour is going to work without much material between them (collaboration wise).

Drake – Started From The Bottom [Official Video]


Talk about an entrance to 2013. Drake hasn’t been on the charts for a while, but definitely changes that with this track. Though at initial listenI wasn’t feeling it, after listening to it a couple times and playing through my Beats I have jumped ship. I have jumped so far to make this track this first track added to my iTunes library in 2013. This is pretty huge considering I waited about 2 months to add a new track to start 2013 and it had to be a good one. (It remains to have an asterisk because it is the first in Australia, not in Toronto)


Kid Cudi – Immortal


Indicud has been under construction for a while now, but the release date is coming. Meanwhile, Cudi has given his fan base a little taste of what Indicud could sound like. I’m definitely interested in what this album will sound like. Many including myself wrote off WZRD and I don’t know of many artists that can make a recovery after a mediocre album release like WZRD. Hopefully Cudi learned from Ye and took his time to make a masterpiece.